Episode 33 - Smoke 'Em Out

Re-upload The original sound file was corrupted. I twisted my nipples till they were raw, so it should be fixed now.

Grasp firmly to our cloven hooves as we embark on this esoteric expedition through existence. You gasp as our enlightened goat forms artlessly displace the very fabric of space and time granting us swift passage through the cosmos. We rapidly descend upon a black hole; our minds meld into a singularity of consciousness due to the spaghettification of our beings as we cross the event horizon.

What gets your goat? We would like to know. Send us an email about the things in life that make you upset to holdyourgoats@gmail.com with What Gets Your Goat in the subject line. Your humble Goat Lords will do their best to help you get your goat back.

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